TDIT Benefits

Forensic Analysis

Data transiting the I/O is processed by the SPU and routed to the TD Management System for analysis. Everything from keystrokes to mouse movement made on the TD Secure Computer is tracked and captured. All audio and video is captured as well an can be monitored through an easy-to-navigate visual interface. System administrators can monitor all activity and retroactively analyze events.


With the TD Insider Threat system there is no need for additional software or drivers to manage data processing. The SPU is transparent and does not affect computer performance and in some cases may improve performance when CPU intensive tasks are offloaded to the SPU.

I/O Security

The SPU isolates, monitors, records, firewalls and encrypts every I/O interface including HDMIT, USB, audio, networking and SATA. Any virus or malware coming from the I/O are blocked and prevented from entering the CPU, effectively protecting it from infection and snooping. Infected peripheral devices connected by employees with not pass through the computer or through the network.


The TD Insider Threat System utilized policy-based group management to maintain accountability for employees and organizations. The TD Management System establishes baseline user activity, looks for patterns, identifies unusual behavior and sends notifications to administrators when that occurs.


The TD Insider Threat System is a perfect tool for demonstrating regulatory compliance for internal or external audits. All activity that is routed to the TD Management System can be documented and viewed in real-time or at a later date.

Increased Employee Productivity

All activity conducted on a TD Secure Computer is monitored and tracked. The TD Insider Threat System can ensure that employees focus on work-related activity while using the secure computer. Administrators can be notified if employees are using the computer for non-work related purposes.